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Bluewav was established in 2001. It has a history of 20 years and is committed to the production of products in the field of water disinfection; it specializes in Electro Chlorination Technology including: electrolytic hypochlorous acid neutral-anolyte generator, electrolytic sodium hypochlorite generators, chlorine dioxide generators, electrochemical water treatment systems and other related water treatment technology company that deals with R&D, production and service of processing equipment.

The electrolytic sodium hypochlorite generator produced by the company started its project in 2009 and was launched in 2014; the product "safe, stable and environmentally friendly" is the source of our company's technological innovation. Continuously improve product technology from the perspective of users; obtain national patents every year. The integrated, integrated, and separate types can meet the needs of different users. Participated in the preparation of "GB28233-2020 (Hygienic Requirements for Sodium Hypochlorite Generator)".


                 established for 20 years


Serve more than 10,000 customers


  The total amount of chlorine produced per day is 120,000


Improve the disinfection technology of the water supply industry, and work hard for the improvement of the people's safe drinking water environment

Professional, dedicated, efficient and perfect
The company adheres to the corporate tenet of "honesty, trustworthiness, dedication, and innovation", promotes the enterprise spirit of "professionalism, focus, efficiency, and perfection", and aims to "cast a national classic brand and build a first-class technology enterprise in the domestic industry" to promote industry technology It is our responsibility to make progress and dedication to environmental protection and sanitation, and strive to provide customers with more excellent products and perfect services.

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