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The PAC PAM DOSING SYSTEM flocculating coagulant preparation system is a device that forms a medicinal solution by adding dry powder and water to dissolve it. The flocculant preparation system is not only used to prepare the polymer solution. It is also suitable for the dissolution and dosing of various dry powders, granules, flocculants and concentrated liquid powders.

Working principle:

The dosing device is mainly composed of solution tank, agitator, metering pump, level gauge, electric control cabinet, pipeline, valve, Y-type filter, etc. The dosing device is configured in the mixing box according to the required concentration of the medicine, and after being evenly stirred by the agitator, it is put into the solution box, and the metering pump is used to deliver the prepared solution to the dosing point or the designated system. According to the requirements of different technological processes of users, targeted design and configuration of necessary components can be carried out to realize functions such as automatic remote control.


1)Customers can choose online conductivity controller, PH value online monitor, redox potential real-time online monitor, automatic sewage valve, pulse flow meter, etc.

2)High degree of automation, uniform and accurate dosing. Through manual stroke adjustment or frequency converter to control the dosing amount, in addition to regularly dosing the medicine into the dissolving barrel, no manual operation is required, which saves a lot of manpower and the dosing amount is more accurate.

3)long lasting. All parts in contact with the chemical liquid are made of PE engineering plastics, which are resistant to strong acids and alkalis, and are resistant to aging. For other special requirements, steel or steel-lined vessels can be used.

4)Users can choose according to their needs: agitator, PLC, thermometer, PH meter, online corrosion rate detector and conductivity online monitor, etc.

5)Specially designed dosing system can be selected for special dangerous areas such as petrochemical industry and marine engineering.



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