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The online sodium hypochlorite concentration sensor detects and analyzes the molecular spectral absorption of high-concentration sodium hypochlorite solution at different concentrations through a uniquely designed optical structure, thereby realizing online monitoring of the concentration of sodium hypochlorite solution.

Widely used in water plants, medical disinfection equipment, sodium hypochlorite generators and other sterilization and disinfection occasions; other similar applications.


* Advanced optical spectrum monitoring method, no reagents, no dilution, instant results, long-term stable operation

* Pollution-resistant design: The embedded quartz tube flow channel design greatly reduces the need for cleaning and maintenance

* The concentration of sodium hypochlorite can be calibrated according to the concentration of the sample

* Built-in transmitter, directly output RS485 or 4-20mA isolated signal, more stable and accurate long-distance transmission

* It has undergone pressure aging test and pre-calibration before leaving the factory to ensure that the probe is stable and reliable

* Standard IP67 aviation connector, standard 3/4 inch tee mounting parts, can also be customized with various pipe diameter tee mounting parts


Model BCTM-4000
Measuring range 0.5-16.0%                                   0.01%-2%
Resolution 0.2%                                           0.02%
Accuracy ±0.5%or±2%FS                      ±0.5%or±2%FS
Temperature 0-50℃
Recommended flow rate 0-2m/s
Storage temperature -20-60℃
Input Power DC 12-36V Power Consumption 1W
Key materials shell: CPVC; detection channel: optical quartz tube
Signal output 4—20mA analog output; RS-485 digital output
Degree of protection IP67
Maximum pressure 6.9Bar100psi
Size     Weight L172.7mm×Ø36.6mm      170g


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