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1. Do these systems use electrolysis process with a cartridge (How often we have to change that?) 
Yes. for sure Electrolysis process & Cartridge, life time >2 years based on routine maintanence.

2. Please specify the ingredients needed to produce this and quantity needed per hours for BWL-500 and BWL- 1000.
Input: Salt , ELectricity ; Output: CL2, NaOH and NaCLO( BWL-500: 5kg/h, BWL-1000:10kg/h) Small plant with 5m² occupy of your site.

3.Does the system have a AUTOMATIC turn off (Switch off) if any of the ingredients run out? For example if the salt runs out or water stops flowing?
Yes , the remote online app will alarm in your phone and the machine will AUTOMATIC turn off machine.

And is there a way to add Salt in bulk and feed it automatically to the brine tank?
By manually , worker shall add salt every 2-5 days

Salt: Noted about the 2 to 5 days , what decides the 2 to 5 days ? Will we have a indicator to tell us to add salt on the system? Or is it manually we have to check in the storage?
approx. 40kgs salt per day consumption, normally feed 50-100kgs salt into the tank per time , and you need to feed salt once seen the FAC, which is shown on the Screen, decrease. And the app will also alarm to warn you to feed new salt when it happend.

6. What is the max capacity to load salt (In Lbs) to keep it running for 5 days?

7.   Do you test the unit there before packing? 
Yes. For sure we will test the machine running before delivery.

8.   What is RO unit and its function? 
We don't manufacture RO unit. RO unit is used to absorb the tail gas (CL2) to produce by-product Hypochlorous Acid which you can also sell. RO water is also used in liquid cooling system


9.   Machine control panel:  Doe sthe Actual chlorine -production display also confirm the % of concentration?
Actual chlorine -production display  on the screen.  Online concentration gauge will test and show concentration realtime if you choose it as this gauge is optional and price as my answer above.


10.   Do we need anything else?  Any other tanks (Water tank etc.,  ) 
You must buy IBC Tank ,RO Unit  and Booster pump locally.


11.   Does this salt dissolving tank have a hookup for water input?  If yes how many gallons can this tank hold? 
Brine tank : Salt:100kgs for 10 days consumption,   Brine: 27-33gallons


12.   All all the pipes and fittings included? 

Yes included.You need to buy IBC Tank ,RO Unit  and Booster pump as my answer above.

13.   Is the water softening? 
You need to buy RO unit with flow rate: 500L/H or 1000L/H


14.   So on the main panel we can set it to the 12% or 10% we need… correct?

No, not this way, On the main panel you can set the FAC value which means the chlorine&Naclo proucing ability speed some way like the speed of car when driving.

Concentration is controled by time passing as our machine is capable of running 24 hours every day;

24  hours running: 12% 200Liters (53 gallons

You can control the concetration by two ways: FAC value in the panel , 24 hours running. Reduce the running time, for example 20 hours

Note: the two options are controled at your factory or at your home by your phone app included in the quotation which we will supply




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