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On site Chlorine Generation


(Compare with liquid Chlorine storage& Sodium Hypochlorite generator)

  • Raw Material: Salt, Electricity
  • Output: Chlorine gas, Chlorine dioxide, Hypochlorous Acid  Anolyte
  • Chlorine gas generated on demand
  • Eliminate chlorine storage and transprotation risk
  • sodium hypochlorite as back-up disinfectant
  • 50% cost less consumption of raw materials than NaCLO generator
  • 100% safe: No risk of any hazardous Chlorine storage & operation
  • Skid Mounted Plug-Play design
  • Remote Monitor & Control
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Ability of Counter-Terrorism
  • Chlor-alkali process

Brine Electrolysis Technology

Salt (NaCl) water Brine is electrolyzed in an electrolytic cell by ECA technology, Chlorine gas 
(Cl2) is generated in the anode cell, and then immediately dosing into water for disinfection treatment on the plant site; None Storage,None hazardous risk. It can be used widely on all kinds of water treatment plants.
Meanwhile, hydrogen H2  and A little of NaOH liquid is generated and discharged by cathode cell .

Raw materilas: Salt, Electricity, Water;
Anode Output: Chlorine Gas
Available Chlorine FAC: 50g-5kg/h
Cathode Output: NaOH(8L/day), H2


(Compare with traditional Sodium Hypochlorite generator)

n50% cost less consumption of raw materials in long term;

n100% safe: No risk of any hazardous chemical storage&operation

nEnvironmental Friendly

nAbility of Counter-Terrorism 



Project Case:  Drink Water Plant, capacity 40k liters/day, FAC 1kg/h

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