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 Reaction principle

5NaClO2+4HCl →4ClO2+5NaCl+2H2O

 Raw materials
Sodium chlorite: (HG/T3250-2001 first grade industrial product, content ≥78%);
Hydrochloric acid: (GB320-2006 industrial first grade product, concentration ≥31%)

Composition of RC series chlorine dioxide generator

1. Feeding system

2. Reaction system

3. Control system

4. Mixed absorption system

5. Security system

6. Residual liquid automatic processing system


Raw material consumption

2.2g of sodium chlorite, 6.75g of hydrochloric acid (to produce 1g of chlorine dioxide)


Performance characteristics

1. Using sodium chlorite and hydrochloric acid as raw materials to prepare liquid high-purity chlorine dioxide disinfectant, the purity of chlorine dioxide is ≥95%, and the conversion rate of sodium chlorite is ≥95%.

2. The reactor adopts multi-grade industrial titanium-based alloy and fluoroplastic materials, with a long service life.

3. The material transportation adopts the international famous brand precision metering pump and constant back pressure device, so the raw material measurement is accurate.

4. The control system adopts intelligent or PLC control system, which is operated by touch keys.

5. Equipped with RS485 interface, which can realize remote transmission and remote monitoring of equipment operating status signals

Sodium chlorite high-purity chlorine dioxide generator CHINA&UAE


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