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Chemical Reaction principle:


NaClO3+2HCl → ClO2+1/2Cl2+H2O+NaCl


Use raw materials 

Sodium chlorate: (GB/T1618-2008 first grade industrial product, content ≥99%);

Hydrochloric acid: (GB320-2006 industrial first grade product,concentration ≥31%)


The composition of RJ series chlorine dioxide generator:

1. Feeding system

2. Reaction system

3. PLC control system

4. Vacuum absorption system

5. Security system

6. Backwash system

7. Residual liquid automatic processing system


Raw material consumption:

Sodium chlorate 0.54g, hydrochloric acid 1.90g (1g available chlorine).


Unique features of  BRJ series chlorine dioxide generator:

1.The best raw material concentration used is: HCl: 31%; NaCl03: 27%, 1:1 volume ratio feed.

2.The only five-stage reactor in China, the total conversion rate of raw materials is ≥90%, and the mass ratio of chlorine dioxide to chlorine gas is greater than 1.

3.The reactor uses titanium alloy materials that are resistant to high temperature, corrosion and pressure.

4.The infrared heating method has fast heating and low power, which saves more electricity than products in the same industry.

5.Directly measure the actual reaction temperature inside the reactor, and measure the protective sleeve using titanium alloy material.

6.OuRui equipment adopts dual temperature control technology to preheat the first four reactors to 30-40℃, and the fifth reactor to 71℃.

7.The temperature control system adopts three-level protection.

8.The only technology used in China (Patent No. ZL200620082518.5) to clean the residues in each reactor.

9.A good installation mode can ensure that there is no chlorine dioxide or corrosive gas in the room, noise and air leakage pollution.


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