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 How to make strong sodium hydroxide detergent alkaline caustic soda  by BH-E?

Alkaline detergent generator is producing sodium hydroxide detergent by electrolysis brine, the core technology is the membrane electrolytic cell that have been designed innovative and unique technology to effectively produce hypochlorous acid anolyte disinfectant.

The BH-E generator produce three kinds: disinfectant sodium hydroxide Alkaline NaOH, Sodium Hypochlorite and  CLEAN HOCL Anolyte(Free of residual sodium hypochlorite&salt) by electrolysis technology as picture below.

How to use BH-E Generator?

1.Feed water

2.Feed salt

3.Power on

4.The machine will start to produce Anolyte and Catholyte  sodium hydroxide alkaline detergent


Our advantages:

1.The cathode output sodium hydroxide alkaline detergent (NaOH) PH>13

2.Anode Output Sodium hypochlorite 60L - 1000L

3.Anolyte output  strong  concentration 50-2k ppm

4.Skid-mounted:Easy to transport , install and operation.

5.Long Service life.The system use titanium electrode coated by platinum and iridium for protection from oxidation, largely increase the service life of electrode and the whole equipment;Auto/ Manual pole reverse self-cleaning function on electrolytic cell, effectively remove the scaling and increase the service life;

6.PLC Full Automatic Operation.



Machine  Datasheet:



MODEL Sodium hydroxide



Sodium hypochlorite Hypochlorous Acid
BH-E-100 100L/day 200L/day 1000L/day
BH-E-200 200L/day 400L/day 1000L/day
BH-E-1000 1000L/day10 00L/day 5000L/day



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